Patience  was installed and exhibited at The Ou Gallery in Duncan, British Columbia, in February 2018.   Patience  was an examination of patience. I made this work after a massive shoulder injury six months prior to the residency. I was thinking about balancing elements of structure and fluidity, visually and within my own body. For months I couldn’t write, lift anything or paint. Through physical therapy, I began to retrain my body to be both strong and fluid. I could only think of the contrasts between soft tissue and bones, interactions within systems, and layers within a physical structure. This piece was my return to my practice, and a return to my physical body as an artist.  24”x50 yards acrylic on tracing paper roll 2018
 commission for Spruce Skin and Wax Shoppe in Olympia, WA 22”x16”   acrylic on canvas 2019
A Crush Wasted
 All photos by Lennie Mahler  Site Specific Installation, Lil’ Gallery, University of Utah Campus, (Salt Lake City, Utah) 2014  Acrylic, graphite, and screenprint on newsprint on wall 8’x8’x8’   This Place  explored the relationship between individuals and their immediate physical environment. This was my personal interpretation of neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, UT, and how memories and experience of place form community and closeness.
 Window installation at GlassHouse in Salt Lake City, Utah  acrylic, graphite and spray paint on rolls of tracing paper  dimensions variable 2018   photo By Billy Yang